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Are you an upcoming artist/band? Do you want your single, album or concert to be promoted? That’s possible!

I started this page to discover new music. My quote: Not one day without listening to music..

I saw a lot of artists/bands starting at the little venues. Now? They are playing only in arenas. So unfortunately for me it’s to expensive to keep following all the “big” players in the music industry and I’m looking for new sounds!

Want to know more about me? Check out the header: Who & Why.

You can reach me trough my Social Media channels or by e-mail. We can look what we can do for each other. Maybe you can let me check out a concert and I can write a review. You can also send me one of your new singles/albums, so I can check it out and promote it on social media. See my contact page for the options.

If I hear something I like I will write a article about it!

  • Artist spotlight
  • Single Wednesday
  • Release Friday
  • Album Sunday
  • Concert reviews

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